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Rita from Maz Events previews the year's hottest shades...

The biggest wedding decoration trend for 2012 is integrating floral themes with a touch of Indian sparkle. Experts Maz Events are leading the way by introducing shimmering elements into all aspects of decor, creating a natural, organic feel with a surprising twinkle. The team are celebrating 50 years of trading this year. They have experience of creating bespoke wedding designs and are the official catwalk designers for the Asiana Bridal Show. Bringing their unique ideas and concepts to the toptable, chair covers, and table settings, the secret is in the detail - none of it is overlooked, starting with the colour schemes.

Rita explains: ‘Pastel shades add a vintage feel. The shabby chic look is all the rage in clothing, homeware and interiors and it’s now making an impression in the wedding world too.’ Small touches are equally as important, and you would be surprised how much guests notice them. Rita assures: ‘Toptables aren’t just about flowers; be original by adding candles, your choice of napkins and pretty favours.’
The team recently created a breathtaking waterfall themed toptable that got the thumbs up from all guests. Rita says: ‘This is a look that also works for mandaps. Instead of fairylight curtains, combine dim lighting with candles and a waterfall backdrop, the results are truly dreamlike.

1. Centre pieces & lighting

Eye-catching centrepieces are essential so when guests enter the room, they are met with a sea of style. But it’s not just table settings on the dining tables that matter. Make the same bold impact with your choice of decoration for gift tables, guest book stands and all around the venue so that when your guests put their drink down, they are amazed by the details that have gone into even the smallest aspects, like side tables. Again this is one aspect where you can really have fun with colour. Enhance the impact of centrepieces with your choice of backdrop. Lighting can play a role here. Steer away from harsh lights like reds and blues and create a romantic ambience with soft pastel filters in pink, peach and salmon.
Your decoraters will be able to advise you where to place lighting, and it’s not just in conventional places. Lights should be incorporated into aspects of wedding design. Use uplighters, low lighting, candles and fairylights for different aspects of the days. Infact if you want to keep decorations minimal, lighting is one aspect you should always embrace. And when flowers, table arrangements and lights all match, you’ll end up with the perfect day!

2. Table settings

Make guests feel special by creating individual name cards - not just ‘reserved’. A popular choice is to hand write names in calligraphy, it’s a much more thoughtful touch than typing them. If you can’t do calligraphy yourself, your decorators can assit you. Though the namecards are the most important part, all the other aspects need to harmonise for the overall theme to work. After leaving space for the crockery, cutlery and glasses, you’ll need to decide on the shade of napkins and whether you want them folded or presented in rings, table centres, favours and flowers. Some venues allow real candles which may require holders. A simple but special touch is to sprinkle sequin confetti on table surfaces.

3. Flowers

Hang flowers at your toptable in fresh spring colours. Here, orchids, hygrangeas, avalanches, amarantis and lisianthus’ have been intregrated with crystals and draped over the edge, providing a stunning backdrop to your seating area. On the table itself arrange cut flowers in vases and wind rose vines around pillars for a garden of eden feel. One of the nicest aspects of using so many fresh blooms is the natural fragrance they create that fills the room.

4. Birdcages

The trend for hanging birdcages is an English one, but their flamboyance and aesthetic appeal means they fit perfectly into Asian weddings. Their delicate, vintage presence is ideal for spring and summer weddings. Fill them with soft pastel blooms like white and magnolia roses and arrange foiliage at the bottom, branching out from the sides. As well as hanging them indoors, birdcages can be placed on tables and dangled outside. They look stunning wrapped with fairylights, which enhance their beauty in the evenings. Introduce sparkle to birdcages by crystallising the flowers inside with jewels and sprinkles of glitter for an extra special touch.

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