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A Model Marriage
Miss Asiana finalist Harleen ties the knot with her soulmate Chetan
A Model Marriage

Married name: 
Bride: Harleen
Groom: Chetan
Date: 7th September 2014
Venue: Crieff Hydro Hotel, Scotland
Photography: Rahims Productions

On Valentine’s Day in 2012 Chetan invited me over to his flat. When I reached the top of the stairs the door was left slightly ajar. I tentatively walked through into his room. Scattered all over the bed were rose petals and sitting in the middle was a large box while Chetan was on his knee. I was so shocked. I opened the box and inside was a Valentine’s card and another box. I opened it and there were rose heads and another box inside. In the next box was a letter then one final little box. I started to read the letter out loud, by the time I had finished Chetan had picked up and opened the last box and asked me that wonderful little question, ‘Will you marry me?’ Tears rolling down my cheeks, I gleefully accepted and flung myself into his arms.

Planning our wedding was a wonderful experience and although it was busy, I still managed to find time to enter the Miss Asiana Beauty pageant where I was delighted to be awarded the title of Vatika Miss Asiana Hair andMake-up, sponsored by Roshni Hair and Make-Up artist. There were so many highlights but I’ll never forget seeing Chetan waiting for me, and looking so handsome at the Gurdwara. It mademe feel so happy. We then travelled in style to our reception at Crieff Hydro Hotel, just North of Edinburgh in a beautiful Rolls Royce, arriving to a procession led by a dhol player and bag piper. We popped to our honeymoon suite to get changed and had a quick sip of celebratory champagne before making our official entrance as a married couple.

During the evening, as a surprise our friends asked the DJs to merge our First Dance into a popular bhangra song which made us continue dancing. All of a sudden they then came running onto the dancefloor, slid onto their knees and formed a circle around us and then in a classic bhangra matrix lifted Chetan onto their shoulders. It took us by surprise and was so much fun!

The most warming moment of the evening though was my father’s short but very touching speech. I cannot articulate how this made me feel: happy, moved, grateful, sad – a range of emotions. I think it hit me then that I was no longer a girl who belonged to my parents. I always knew this moment was coming but it’s so emotional when it finally happens. I’ve now left Scotland to start a new life with my husband Chetan but thankfully the memories from my wedding day will remind me of the wonderful memories and times I had living there.

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