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The Magic Of Mughal Props
Easy ways to turn your venue into an ancient palace
The Magic Of Mughal Props

Having props at your wedding as part of the décor goes without saying when you’re having a theme, but even if you’re not having a full-blown venue transformation, there are still ways to enhance the setting with design details. 1SW Events are the to-go-to experts when it comes to traditional themes. Although the team can create bespoke backdrops for any kind of wedding or event theme, their range of Mughal inspired props and staging is truly something else; you won’t find anything as authentic as the real thing, unless of course you stumble upon an ancient Indian palace.
Wedding Designer Tamima Kader explains some of the key components that make up the quintessential Mughal theme: ‘If the couple are having traditional outfits then the venue can act as backdrop to enhance that but feel as though you really are one! Fabrics are one of my favourite props, we drape luxury textiles like velvets, organzas and brocades to create palatial style interiors. We combine these stunning backdrops with Indian themed props in gold antiques and coppers with ornate artefacts like elephants, jugs, mirrors, crystals, carved panels and furniture.’

Mughal themes are best-suited to your main wedding or mendhi day as that’s when you’re most likely to wear traditional outfits. The best thing about hiring props is that they can be transported to venues anywhere in the UK, whatever kind of location. Tamima explains: ‘Mughal themes can be recreated anywhere, even blank canvas spaces but when you use them for manor houses, heritage hotels or Victorian inspired venues, the cream, gold and red colours are very similar to those popular in the Mughal Era, so have even greater impact.’
Yet even if you’re planning a summer celebration outside there are still ways to add Mughal flair, like arranging carved mirrors and gold candelabras amidst the greenery. Inside, set the scene with carved wooden panels at the entrance and use props to guide guests to different spaces. For evening events light real candles in decorative candelabras and create chill out spaces with throws and cushions. A royal transformation couldn’t be easier...

Make Like A Mughal:
Items available to hire from 1SW Events:
• Chairs
• Chaise longues
• Mirrors
• Candlabras
• Carved wooden
• Carved wall backdrop
• Pillars
• Fabric 

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