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Cloud 9
When it comes to experience and talent Cloud 9 have both. The team includes over 20 professionals including DJs, musicians and event managers


Cloud 9 began over a decade ago as a collective providing DJ services across the UK. They’ve always been a regular choice for exclusive private events, of which weddings have become a firm favourite. One of the founding members, Amit explains: ‘We provide bespoke packages for each couple. Some appreciate our experience for knowing what music to play and when to get everyone on the dance floor, while others hand us the complete reigns allowing us to do what we do best - manage the entire event which could include bringing along Dhol players for your entrance, providing a host and playing music from the moment guests arrive until they leave.’ The lads are always smartly attired which adds to their professional appeal and they guarantee your event will go hiccup free, providing everything you require. Amit adds: ‘We have even gone to the extent of producing a brand new track for a couple’s First Dance - something that’s unique, just for them and has never been heard before - making your night even more special.’

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