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5 Ways To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Photos
5 Ways To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

Wedding photography has never been so important. Sharing your photos on social media has put a whole new demand on wedding photographers to get more creative with their ideas, but as the couple it’s also good to be aware of what makes for the best wedding photography so that you can be sure you get what you want.
Here are some easy ways to get picture perfect wedding photography.

Pre-wedding photoshoot
Practise makes perfect. For perfect wedding portrait photos book a pre-wedding photoshoot with your wedding photographer. This will give you a chance to practice your smile, work together as a couple on camera, relax and get to know your photographer, as well as them getting to know you. This way your wedding photography won’t look awkward or uncomfortable, but naturally stunning.

Pose with props
Add a fun element to your compositions by using props. They will give your wedding photos more character, originality and personality. Whether they are part of a theme, or are props that stand alone as unique features, they will give your wedding photography a unique touch. A trend we're loving at the moment is musical instruments, perfect for couples who enjoy culture and the party spirit. Bell Percussion Ltd offer musical instrument hire. From giant gongs to droll drums check out their selection. 

Make the most of Mother Nature
The time of day you have your wedding photos taken will impact on how they look. With a bit of planning you can make the most of your wedding venue and the natural backdrops it has. A natural sunset makes for a very special wedding portrait, speak to your photographer about how you can arrange this and make sure the timing doesn’t interfere with your wedding schedule.

Prepare a shot list
There’s nothing worse than viewing your wedding photos and then realising some shots are missing – perhaps a special relative, or maybe details of your décor. The only way to ensure you get exactly what you want is to brief your photographer by giving them a checklist. Professional wedding photographers will to be prepared to take all the regular images but unless you tell them you want a specific shot you may not get it.

Enjoy it!
The best photos are the most natural ones. If you’re naturally happy it will shine through in your wedding photos but if you’re feeling stressed it will also show. So don’t worry, this is your big day, embrace every moment and enjoy the happiest day of your life.

Images: Alexandre Pichon
Main shot: Hair & make-up: Symah Khan Outfit: BIBI London Jewellery: The Lotus London Bindi: RP Diva Gong: Bell Percussin Ltd Props: 1SW Events

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