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Simi Gupta shares her experience on travelling to an Island, which has more than just a single palm tree with surrounding waters

Posted: 28.05.14

I’ve travelled to Singapore for the past 20 years so it’s an Island that has become very close to my heart. After a 12 hour tiring flight the beauty of Singapore constantly amazes me. From the moment I step out of the terminal and into the city, I love the warmth of the air touching lightly on my face, the cool breeze sweeping through my hair and could smell the mere dusk from its atmosphere.

I usually take a taxi to my hotel, where I always put the window down to gaze at the scenery and beautiful landscapes.
I can describe it as an Island with an enormous amount of technology, business attribute and immense history but I fall in love with it each time I visit. Singapore is famous for its beautiful, pristine beaches, world-class attractions, sea sports, golf club and retreats. Each time I go, the taxi drivers are always rambling on, on how they are preparing for the world-renowned Formula 1 races that occur every year. With such clean roads and great info structure, I understand why the races are held here.

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, every girl likes to do ‘a bit’ of shopping. Well, window-shopping at least (a common habit of mine). With such exuberant shopping centres, the Marina Bay Sands has a great wealth of shops, with a high taste of fashion that kept me glued to its shopping floor. Must I not forget to mention, is the roof top pool that gives me another reason to visit.

As I usually travel with my parents and younger sister, my mother can literally spend hours in the jewellery store either wanting to buy that diamond ring that she’s always wanted or wanting to exchange jewellery for money. Quite honestly, the jewellery shops never fascinated me to the least. I’m always focused on finding the nearest Starbucks to treat myself to a grande, skinny latte, as I do back home.It’s another common habit of mine.
As I have a legal background, I still find it quite astonishing how it’s against the law to litter there. Each time I go, I always imagine what effect it would create if such law were to be implemented in London, where I’m based. I can imagine that it wouldn’t go very far.

Sometimes I feel that it is best to move away from the city, and have some fun. This is where I introduce the much excitement of Singapore’s Sentosa Island. It is no surprise as to why every tourist wants to go there. It benefits both the adult and child, with its man made beach, aquarium, casinos, golf club, underwater world and, my favourite, you’re very own Universal Studios. It’s definitely worth looking into if you’re travelling for the first time.

As I’m a typical Asian who can’t keep away from my curry, I always visit its very own Little India. You’re never too far away from the vast varieties of Indian cuisines to fulfil your appetite. Flashing before my very own eyes, the way they show cast their Asian golden jewellery is the most exquisite. My mother, particularly, doesn’t spend hours rambling in these jewellery shops. Maybe it’s because of the continuous pestering of wanting customers to buy things.
Visiting the biggest Asian department store there is always a must for me. It’s literally like you’re living in India. It’s a department store which is jam packed, where there’s hardly any space to move but. You’ll even forget that you’re in Singapore by, guess what; it has everything you’ll ever need.

As a frequent London Underground traveller, you will know how tedious, tiresome and terrible it can be. Personally, I gain a different experience with what is known as the ‘MIT’ in Singapore. There are hardly any delays, plenty of space to move around, lines are easy to follow and, as I save the best to last, the trains are fully air-conditioned.

Before I forget to mention, Singapore is also famous for having one of the greatest landmarks, standing on the Singapore river; The Merlion statue. It’s quite nice to hear that the Island plays significance on the world map. It portrays the embodiment of the citizens of Singapore, known as strength, courage and wisdom. It’s definitely worth the visit.

Also, my favourite, is the Fountain of Wealth. Baring in mind, I don’t consider it as my favourite simply because of its name. I literally love looking at it because it’s one of the beautiful fountains that I’ve every seen. Sitting at the heart of the city, it’s a great view for those who are staying in one of the surrounding hotels.

I must say, hotels such as the Conrad, the Pan Pacific, the Mandarin Oriental and the Four Seasons are definitely those that are known to be the state of the art. I always receive the best service, and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated; the main purpose as to why we all go on holiday.
As I look for the sun, sea and sand, Singapore would make it to the top of the list of the most wanted places to visit. If you’re looking for something different to explore,I will guarantee you, that you will gain an exciting adventure. I know, that I’ll be certainly travelling to Singapore again.

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