At One With Brussels

Natural beauty versus bustling metro, Discover a city break with a difference...

Posted: 22.06.10

Waffles smothered in rich creamy chocolate sauce’s not just the desserts that make Brussels the perfect city break for a girl in need of pampering. Bursting at the seams with modern culture and natural beauty you’ll fall so in love with the historical architecture and antique districts that by the time you venture out into the suburban Sonian Forest, you’ll think you’ve entered another land.

Juxtaposing two worlds - a rural retreat with a lively metropolitan vibe, the truth remains – you have to see it to believe it.

So rather than jump back on the Eurostar too quickly, take your time and experience the stunning surroundings properly.

Even if you’re not a nature lover, you will be once you’ve surrendered yourself to one of Belgium’s most unforgettable experiences, Cinq Mondes Spas.

The spa is dedicated to offering invigorating and soothing treatments, the best of which combine ancestral traditions that are characterised by quality, authenticity and ceremony. Focusing on aromas and flowers, treatments include the Japanese Bath, Royal Ritual from Saim, Balinese Massage, Ayurvedic massages and aromatic scrubs with spices from the Island of Java. These exotic, fresh and vibrant treatments are provided by qualified professionals guaranteeing a five-star service.

Jean-Louis Poiroux, founder of Cinq Mondes, spent over a decade travelling the globe to find the best formulas, treatments and massages to enhance the skin providing utmost relaxation to the body and mind.

It offers a wealth of innovative treatments that are carried out using cosmetic preparations with original plant-based products, worthy of international acclaim. Bath lovers will enjoy soaking in the Royal Ritual from Siam with aromas, flowers, essential oils, Japanese Bath or Purée de Papaye Radiance Scrub. Then complete the tempting bathing ritual with a relaxing Balinese Massage, instantly relieving any tension and providing a radiant shine. It combines gentle Thai and traditional soothing movements alleviating body aches and is best finished with a Taoist Aromatic scrub with spices and sea salt.

If any further pampering is required, there’s also a highly recommended Traditional Hammam Ritual. Derived from the  traditions of North Africa, consisting of a scrub with Savon Noir Beldi (black soap), wrap of Crème de Rassoul and finished with a traditional Oriental Massage, it encourages your skin to look and feel replenished.

And before you head off home, make time for a delicious and wholesome meal, cooked up by Chef Pascal Marcin who runs gourmet restaurant Tree O. Specialising in sophisticated, hearty and healthy cuisine, every dish is prepared with three different ways using the same ingredients, aromas and subtle forest flavours, that reflect the beauty of the Sonian Forest setting, offering original fusion cuisine.

If you’re prolonging your stay, be sure to also try the resort’s main restaurant Argan which also offers scrumptious fresh dishes that melt in the mouth. Indeed the longer you can stay the better.

There’s also a vast range of leisure facilities for guests to enjoy including an exquisite indoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, mountain bike track and even Tai Chaun classes. A city break doesn’t come more refreshing than this.

• Cinq Mondes Spas, Dolce Hotels And Resorts - La Hulpe Brussels, Chaussee de Bruxelles 135 - 1310 La Hulpe



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