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Posted: 02.03.12

A year a go today Britain’s most eligible Asian bachelor and one of the biggest music producers in the world, Rishi Rich married the love of his life, Dr Manrina Rhode in what has become known as the most romantic celebrity wedding of all time.
Five days of festivities and glamour saw guests treated to a spectacular feast of events laid on by the best service providers in the industry and organised by Asiana Wedding magazine’s Editor Anisha Vasani and Sadiq Chikte.
You can re-live the wedding memories in our special video of the magical day.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview, Asiana.TV caught up with the happy couple Rishi and Manrina, who are currently in Portugal, enjoying an intimate anniversary holiday, to ask them how they are finding married life.
What are your memories of the Big Day?
Rishi: This afternoon we were sitting on the balcony of our hotel here in Portugal, sharing a bottle of champagne and reminiscing about the wedding, in particular all the people who made it happen.
Manrina: It was such a dream and I still enjoy looking back at all the photographs. We were so lucky to have the best Asian experts in the business organising our day and for me, having Anisha as my Style Director meant I didn’t have any stresses about how I looked. She made me feel beautiful and truly captured my personality.

What’s the best and worst thing about being married?
Rishi: The best is everything! We tell all our friends to get married. It’s incredible to have someone to come home to, someone to have by your side 24/7. Also knowing I have Manrina to go through life with me. There is nothing bad!
Manrina: Picking one single thing is hard but I love the fact Rishi’s always there. He makes me smile when I wake up, and I know I can call him at any time about anything, and he’ll always be on my side. I can even give him a call at lunchtime if I can’t decide what to eat for lunch!
The only bad thing is having to leave each other to go to work. I work Monday-Wednesday and the rest of the time we’re together all the time. On Sunday night we get a bit stressed out that we’ll be apart on Monday morning. But Rishi likes dropping me off to work even though I have my own car. He’ll say ‘just give me that extra time to be with you.’

Over the last year, what have you learnt about each other?
Rishi: I now know everything about her, I don’t even need to ask her how she’s feeling. I can look at her face and know if she’s tired or hungry and always guess what she’ll pick from a menu! 
Manrina: So much…but mainly that he likes being cold all the time! He even has a fan in winter! This is something I discovered when we started living together. It can be noisy having a fan at night but I’ve got used to it. He can’t get too hot or he melts! 

What have you learnt about yourself?
Rishi: I now know a lot about food. Manrina has made me healthier and introduced me to sushi of which I’m now an addict. I’ve completely changed my eating habits. If I think about eating a burger or pizza Manrina points out that it has no nutritional value and then I start looking for the nutrition in what I’m eating.
Manrina: My life has been ‘freed up’, in a way I never knew was possible. Rishi’s been in music for 20 years and as an artist he’s never had a conventional life, never had to wake up to go to work at 9am. Where as I was at university with dentists and medicals where we all abide by routine.
Rishi on the other hand lives life by his own rules and only does what he wants. If he doesn’t feel like making music one day he won’t and if he no longer feels like going out he’ll stay in. I used to get worried about this but his attitude is ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’
I’m getting used to this mindset and teaching my friends about it too.

Are there any things you argue about?
Rishi: Nothing!
Manrina: We don’t argue or get annoyed with each other. The only thing that Rishi says is that I’m messy. He likes organisation. Whenever we get back from travelling he unpacks straight away, where as I may leave it for a few days!

Who does the cooking?
Rishi: Manrina does most of it but we get a cleaner to do the rest of the housework – we both had one before we met so it made sense to keep them. I do however make a good Indian chai!
Manrina: For breakfast we usually have eggs but I cook them with different things, sometimes with spinach, or salmon or with chillies. At lunchtimes we normally eat grilled fish and salad and for dinner it’s chicken – with different flavours. We might have Thai one day and a roast with gravy the next. Once a week we also go to Pink Simba as Rishi loves their grilled chops!

Why is being married better than being single?
Rishi: You have someone all through the journey of life to share the good times and the bad. Where as single people only have people there for the good times. 
Manrina: When you’re a single woman you’re always under pressure wondering who will you marry, where will you meet them – at the back of your mind you imagine your soulmate even if you’re happy being single. When you get married a whole weight is lifted off your mind so you can get on and enjoy life. It also makes your parents happy! The other day my mum had a nightmare that I’d married the wrong man, then she remembered I had Rishi and went back to sleep happy. Marriage is amazing but I wouldn’t encourage it for the sake of it – you need to be ready. 

How has marriage affected your social life?
Rishi: We both love going out as much as staying in but we try and socialise as much as we can. We meet up with friends, whether they are married, single or have children.
Manrina: We get invited to events every night of the week but if we went to all of them we wouldn’t have time alone. We love lounging around at home and Rishi loves watching Columbo!

What is the secret to a happy marriage?
Rishi: Compromising, finding a balance and making each other happy: happiness should be at the key of all your decisions.
Manrina: Marriage has to be your number one priority. Rishi has changed his lifestyle a lot. He now turns his phone off at 10pm where as before people would call him at 4am as that’s when he used to be awake making music but he doesn’t do that now.
Every decision you make should be to make your partner happy. If Rishi really wants something I’ll support him and he does the same for me. We’ve recently been away a lot for work which was nice but it wasn’t really time for ourselves. Rishi booked our anniversary holiday as a reminder that being together and doing our own thing away from anyone else is what matters the most.

Photography by: HS Photography (official), Rafyl Photography
Interview by: Momtaz Begum-Hossain


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