Desperately Seeking Husband Part 3

Singleton Sejal Sehmi continues her search for a soulmate

Posted: 04.10.12

Week two of looking for The One in Mumbai. With my first date in the Motherland not ending as well as I had hoped, it was time to find out how Mumbai women deal with these issues!
After conferring with my new friends it seemed that networking and socialising are the best way to meet someone.
Dating websites however are surprisingly treated with greater suspicion.
Matrimonial sites across the globe have given us more openings to seek partners outside of our own networks.
Websites like need no explanation, we know how successful they are globally in helping people find partners within the South Asian community for marriage. But Mumbai people were sceptical about meeting total strangers from the internet. Nevertheless I signed up to one…and quickly closed it down! Within one hour I was bombarded with thousands of instant messages – some of which were explicit.
But I didn’t give up. I found another one, attached to a marriage bureau - the only problem was, the process was more complicated then filling in a job application! I had to specify my caste and even specify my horoscope.
I had secretly always been intrigued by dating sites so I was glad to finally have a chance to test one out and possibly find someone local in Mumbai.  
It got me thinking. How honest are people when they are hiding behind their computer screens? Can an online profile really drill down to what we are looking for? Is it just another option? Do we have too many options? Are we too spoilt for choice?
Responses arrived in their hundreds in the space of two days. Shockingly a large number were 30 somethings awaiting divorces and annulments. In addition, there were a huge number of biodatas that had been written by family members of the would-be groom. My personal advisor at the bureau explained, this was normal that families seek assistance from bureaus to find partners for children who live abroad. 
Despite all its advantages, I unfortunately did not find anyone on the site that I wanted to meet and the experience had been exhausting. I wanting to escape the humidity of Mumbai. I was ready to move on to the next town!
But before I left I received one last piece of advice from the young street kids on Marine Drive. They suggested I marry good old Sallu, Salman Khan; he’s older and still single…you never know. It could still happen!

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