Shake it up

The Asiana Cupid has been feeling mischievous, so we sent actress and dancer Clare Kaur Bridges and dentist Arvinder Singh on a cocktail making and belly dancing course at Kings Club in Chelsea

Posted: 01.03.12

When Clare heard what Arvinder did for a living, the glamazonian beauty expected a stuffy man to arrive, but the moment Arvinder decided there was something about bellydancing music that was reminiscent of bhangra, it was time to chaak de phattey. The party has begun, drinks are served, the dance floor awaits. But will Clare and Arvinder walk off hand in hand or will they go their separate ways?

Arvinder Singh, 25
Star sign: Aries
Salary: The sky’s the limit!
Best quality: Down-to-earth
Vices: Stress head
Perfect date: Glorious view and good drinks under a perfect moon
Dress sense: Dress down rather than dress up
Favourite film: Lion King
Friends describe me as... Calm, witty and charming
Being single means... Waiting for the right person, I guess

Clare Kaur Bridges, 24
Star sign: Leo
Salary: That’s for me to know
Best quality: Carefree
Vices: Shopaholic
Perfect date: Jet-skiing followed by a moonlit walk and candlelit dinner
Dream holiday: Travelling around India
Dress sense: Quirky but trendy
Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption
Friends describe me as... Caring, humorous, talkative
Being single means... Doing things my way

Arvinder on Clare
When I entered, I actually thought she was a model for a fashion photoshoot, not my blind date. I was taken aback by how attractive she was and, although she was dressed quite casually, she still looked great! We hit it off straight away and had loads in common, especially travelling, and she knows how to have a good night out. She was really easy to talk to and, at one point we were so hungry, I offered her my flapjack, which she thought was quite cute. During the belly dance session, we didn’t take ourselves too seriously, which made it all the more fun. Although I’m not sure if she was laughing at me or with me! We have exchanged numbers and I would like to meet her again so we can hang out some time soon.

Clare on Arvinder
We didn’t stop talking! He was so easy to chat with and the conversation flowed from the first moment we saw each other. I didn’t have to put any extra effort in – I could just be myself and it was very natural. Personally, I thought he might be too professional and not so laid back, but I was taken aback by his quick wit and chilled-out attitude. Physically, he’s not really my type as I like guys who are taller, broader, rough and rugged; he’s an attractive looking guy but more on the ‘pretty boy’ side. He was well-presented and made a great effort but I like guys who dress a bit more casual. But his personality is faultless – he’s such a cool guy, and I would love to stay friends with him.

• Bellydance Teacher organised by Aurora Bellydance Agency, specialists in providing bellydance performances for Asian Weddings and functions.
t: 07910 381 895 e:


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