Zayn Malik Quits World Tour Due To Stress

One Direction's $1Billion Peak In Jeopardy

Posted: 20.03.15
Zayn Malik Quits World Tour Due To Stress

Zayn Malik had been appearing rather gaunt and weak of late, and our concerns were confirmed this morning when it was announced that the One D boy has been signed off with stress and is on his way home, after quitting the world tour. The remaining band members will continue the world tour without him, which is currently performing in the far east. He will also be missing out on starring in a commercial video in Hong Kong. He must be in a pretty bad state, since the popular quintet are on the verge of nearing a peak of $1billion from their music, performances, endorsements and merchandise, which will be in jeopardy without one of the most loved members of the group. Undoubtedly, the news has left his devoted fans not only heartbroken, but also concerned for their beloved Zayn's wellbeing. Since the X Factor created talent rose to fame from such a young age, it is no wonder that the 22 year old Brit has reached meltdown, which is common amongst famous youngsters. It seems his downwards spiral was triggered off after photos emerged on instagram of the engaged pop star holding hands with a blonde Essex girl, whilst in Thailand.

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