Travel companies introduce Bollywood themed cruises

Indian culture is in high demand 

Posted: 10.11.14
Travel companies introduce Bollywood themed cruises

Bollywood is slowly taking over the world and now, the largest film industry on the planet is infiltrating the travel market. International organisations like Star Cruise and Costa Cruise claim that due to increasing popularity and adoration for Indian movies, stars, rich culture and heritage, trips will feature such entertainment and food, catered not just to the seemingly Indian taste, but also for keen foreign tourists. This is undoubtedly due to the global exposure from films being shot in vast locations, promoting cultural awareness and glamour. Aside from Asia, itineraries include Middle East, Australia, USA, Far East, Caribbean, Europe. Aboard these luxury liners, you can reenact many an iconic scene from your favourite movies, whilst feeling like a starlet amidst a very 'filmi' setting.  Fariha Sabir

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