Pakistan's Got Talent

Singing 'Justin Bibis' Claim their fame

Posted: 11.03.15
Pakistan's Got Talent

Like most teenagers around the world, 15 year old Saania and 13 year old Muqqadas Tabaydar are avid Justin Bieber fans. But when you see these two sisters, dupatta clad, sitting atop of the roof of their humble home amidst one of Lahore's poorest neighbourhoods, belting out their own melodious version of Bieber's Baby, whilst spectators on the surrounding rooftops enjoy their exclusive performance - this is what sets them apart from other fans and one can't help but smile at their passion and modest talent. The video of them singing Baby on the streets of Pakistan has been watched 1.8 million times on Facebook, and it's safe to say that these seemingly unlikely fans have captured the attention and hearts of the world, as they proudly display that girls like them can also be Justin Bieber fans, openly sing their hearts out and that not all Pakistani girls are hidden away in the confines of their four walls - as is repeatedly shown in media. What makes us even bigger fans of these girls, is that they hardly speak any English and taught themselves the song by listening to it 70 times, then transcribing it into Urdu, before memorising it by heart. Senior Justin Bibi, the girls' mother who sets the background beats on the percussion using pots, has also expressed her affection for Justin Bieber and says that he's like her son. With gratitude to the teenage superstar, Justin bibis say they have experienced things they had only dreamt of, including visiting a beauty parlour and sitting on a plane. Their dream is to travel the world and of course to meet their inspiration, Justin Bieber. Perhaps they will get to perform together one day - Justin Bieber & The Bibis, it has a nice ring to it!

Watch Justin Bibis in action here

Fariha Sabir

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