John’s Close Shave

Actor escapes death on film set

Posted: 27.09.12
John’s Close Shave

One of the sexiest men in the world narrowly escaped death this week when he was involved in stunt that went wrong.

John Abraham is currently filming cop drama Shootout At Wadala directed by Sanjay Gupta.
The climax is a major shoot out scene which involves veteran actor Anil Kapoor, who plays police officer Isaque Bagwan firing a gun at John. It is believed that the gun effects team who supplied the props wrongly briefed the film crew and Anil's gun was fired from a distance of 1.5 feet, when it should have been shot from 15 feet.
As a result, John was shot with 10 times the force he should have been. The Dhoom actor was knocked to the floor, but miraculously the bullet only grazed his neck, rather than go through it – thankfully due to the fact Anil’s shot wasn’t accurate.

Speaking of the shock of the incident John said: ‘It would have been all over for me on September 23. I still can't believe that I am alive.’
Remaining in positive spirits, he went on to say: ‘My neck was burnt and the wound is still there on my collar bone. It hurts. But I am carrying out my day-to-day work pretending as if nothing has happened. I shall definitely take a long time to forget what happened. If you ask me whose fault it is, I would only say that everything happened in the heat of the moment. Nobody expected the intensity and the velocity of those blank bullets. I think I should have checked Mr Kapoor's gun. I always check and double-check my guns if I am doing any firing scene. I am agnostic but I now feel that there is God up there’.

The film is a sequel to the gritty crime film Shootout at Lokhandwala and is based on a true story.
The release date is set for May 2013.


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