Eat Like A King

Turkish cafe's tribute to Bollywood star

Posted: 09.08.12
Eat Like A King

Fans can now have a taste of Bollywood, without flying to India! A popular cafe in Turkey has been re-named Salman Khan Cafe as a tribute to the star.
Salman appears along side his ex, Katrina Kaif in next weekend's Eid movie Ek Tha Tiger. Following on from his previous festival successes including the superhit Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger is a dark thriller, centered around India's most notorius spy, known as Tiger. Expect a James Bond/Bourne style action movie with added romance.
The tale is set in Ireland where Tiger is sent on a mission to observe an Indian scientist who is suspected of sharing vital information with a Pakistan defence establishment. Some of the film was shot in and around Dublin, but the team also flew to Turkey.

The film crew fell in love with a quaint cafe in the city of Mardin, close to their shooting location. Previously called Cafe-Del-Mar, Salman enjoyed frequenting the establishment throughout their stay in Turkey but decided it needed a facelift. To say thank you for hosting them, the actor paid for a complete refurbishment of the cafe including the decor and a new sound system. He also re-jigged the menu and beverage selection to given it a unique Salman flavour.
Ek The Tiger is released nationwide on August 15th.


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