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Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan stars in the new Spiderman movie

Posted: 09.07.12
Comic Book Calling

While comic book fans have been flocking to the cinema to catch the eagerly anticpated The Amazing Spiderman, to discover more about Peter Parker's secret past, Bollywood fans have been anticipating the film for a completely different reason; the chance to see Irrfan Khan in another Hollywood blockbuster.
Khan has been a key actor in the Indian film industry for over 20 years, starring in sucessful movies like Life In A Metro, The Namesake and Aaja Nachle and following the success of his appearance in Slumdog Millionaire, was selected by Hollywood bigwigs to star in the fourth Spiderman movie.
Cast in the role of villain Niels Van Adder, Khan initially had reservations. He said: 'I didn't want to be part of a violent American fantasy so I agreed to the part on the condition that I wouldn't play a masked villain or sci-fi monster, but be recognisable.'

His character Van Adder appeared in just one episode of the comic in which he was a researsh student who became a 'test subject' which transformed him into a Proto-Goblin. The film interpretation deviates from the original story.

Speaking of his role, Irfaan said: 'You can't prepare for action movies. You just strap yourself into a harness and go.'

The Amazing Spiderman is out now in cinemas.



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