Citizen Khan

The funniest new sitcom on TV?

Posted: 27.08.12
Citizen Khan

It's taken over two years in the making, but tonight finally sees the launch of the first  comedy TV series by ex-Asian Network DJ Adil Ray.
Citizen Khan has by-passed the digital channels that new comedies are usually debuted on and been fast tracked straight to BBC 1 - so expectations are high!
The six-parter is set in Sparkhill, Birmingham and follows the life of the Khan family - Mr Khan, a loud-mouthed, tight-fisted, self-appointed community leader, his long suffering wife Mrs Khan and their daughters Shazia and Alia.
In episode 1, the family are looking forward to Shazia's wedding only to discover that her dad forgot to book a venue. So he heads to the local mosque to see if Dave, the manager can help.
Looking forward to sharing his writing and acting skills, Adil said: 'I'm over the moon that the beeb have given this so much support. It's testament to the hard work the whole team has put in. I thank community leaders everywhere for the inspiration.'
Expect belly laughs, memorable one-liners and those awkward moments that you totally recognise but would rather forget...

Watch Citizen Khan on BBC 1, 10.20pm, from Monday 27th August 2012

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