Celina Joins Zoo Appeal

Bollywood actress campaigns for animal rights

Posted: 13.05.13
Celina Joins Zoo Appeal

Star of No Entry, former beauty queen and mum of twins Celina Jaitly is the lastest Indian celebrity to be signed up by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Posing inside a cage, Celina hopes to bring attention to the issue of animals kept in captivity, raising concerns about the suffering they experience when caged up.
Speaking about an issue close to her heart, Celina who calls herself an animal activist said: ‘The lives of animals in zoos are manipulated. They are not given the freedom to socialise, choose their partners, and have no control over when their babies will be taken away from them and sold on to some other zoo to be put on display’, says Jaitly.
She added: ‘Animals treasure their freedom as much as we do, so PETA and I are asking people to take a stand by steering clear of zoos.’

To find out more visit www.peta.org.uk

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