Bips Launches Fitness DVD

Shape up like a Bollywood star!

Posted: 04.01.13
Bips Launches Fitness DVD

January marks the season of fitness DVDs, where celebrities reveal their secrets to keeping trim. But forget the dozens of regimes, filling up the shelves of the UK supermarkets by reality TV rejects; there’s just one routine you need to get your hands on, the new fitness programme by actress Bipasha Basu.
Bips launches her second DVD Break Free today and this time, she’s turned dance diva, showing off Item girl moves that will get you grooving and in shape!
The Race actress who dated gym addict John Abraham has one of the most toned bodies in Bollywood, but rather than making her fans, sweat it out with weights she explains why she opted to make this fitness routine much more fun. She said: ‘Everyone loves dancing. So, even if you don’t take it seriously as a workout, you will still end up benefitting your body and soul.’
Last month Bipasha took her DVD onto Bigg Boss where she revealed some of the workout to host Salman Khan. Presented in English and Hindi, the 30-minute workout improves stamina, endurance and most importantly strengthens your abs to burn off that muffin top.
Looks like all of us in the office will be getting a copy.


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