Amy And Upen In Blockbuster Release

Brit stars making a name in South Indian cinema

Posted: 15.01.15
Amy And Upen In Blockbuster Release

Yesterday saw the release of one of the most anticipated South Indian films of 2015 and two of the leading stars in it are British actors and Vatika Miss Asiana judges Amy Jackson and Upen Patel. The movie was sold out in every screen in the UK on day of release, which coincided with the Tamil Nadu festival of Pongal. Directed by visionary Director Shankar (who previous made Enthiran starring superstar Ranjnikanth opposite Aishywarya Rai-Bachchan) the film is showing in Tamil and Hindi and is a modern day Beauty and The Beast inspired revenge fuelled tale with a stunning soundtrack provided by A R Rahman. Shot partly in China the scenery and sets are truly stunning while the film is both creative and original and deals with a number of unexpected social issues that make it a refreshing watch. The main star of the film is South Indian actor Vikram and there are some rather unique outfits including Amy dressed up as a mobile phone! The film has already made a good start at the box office where it's had a major release in the US. Amy tweeted yesterday that 2015 is her and Upen's year - from what we've seen of the film (review coming soon!) we agree 100%!

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