Winter Survival

Pill popping, that is an absolute must this Winter…

Posted: 06.02.16

Winter can be a drag for so many reasons, whether it’s the dreary grey skies and the short days. Although we Brits love to moan about the weather, our complaining is at its particular worst during the Winter season – but the main reason why we hate the cold and windy days and nights the most, is because as well as giving us frizzy hair and chapped lips, it also leaves our hair and skin feeling dry and sensitive, not to mention the constant sniffling nose. Yup, Winter certainly does not bode well with us. But worry not, we have the perfect solution that will make you feel great on the inside, which is what matters the most…



Perfectil Platinum
Cold weather is your skin’s worst enemy during winter months, with the harsh freezing temperatures and bitter winds making your skin sensitive and encouraging aging. Perfectil Platinum is an advanced supplement which is proven to minimise signs of aging, even during winter. This elixir of youth feeds your body with the ideal kinds of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body and skin, which defies time and keeps your skin looking flawless and younger for longer.

Available from Boots, Superdrug and at £40.35 for 60 tablets

Vitabiotics Immunace Extra Protection
Does it feel like you’re unwell more frequently than you should be? Like you’re antibodies have eloped and left your body to fend for itself? Vitabiotics Immunace Extra Protection is the perfect supplement to help boost your weakened immune system, which is the cause of you feeling unwell all the time. Containing a whole 28 strong army of all the vitamins you need to fight off those nasty infections in your body’s battlefield, you will see the difference after popping a course or two of these clever little tablets. 

Available from Boots and at £10.15 for a month’s supply

Vitabiotics Echinacea
Have you earned the nickname ‘Bogey Woman’ (minus any superhero-like qualities), due to the constant tissues stuck up your nose aka the dripping tap? Sometimes, no matter what remedies you try and the changes you make to your lifestyle, the sniffles just won’t go away. Vitabiotics Echinacea tablets are made to save the day and rid you of your unwanted title of ‘Bogey Woman’. These tablets contain a herbal concoction, Echinacea, which is a magical plant with immune-boosting powers – much like something found at Hogwarts spell-making classes in Harry Potter. As soon as you get flu-like symptoms, pop one of these clever pills and like fairy dust, your cold will fly away with the fairies before you know it.

Available from Boots at £10.95

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