Thermae Bath Spa
Posted: 12.11.14

Take a soak in style at the most celebrated spa in the UK. Thermae Bath Spa is home to Britain’s only natural thermal waters and has been enjoyed by bathers for over 2000 years. Located in the historic city of Bath, a trip to the spa is part of the rituals of visiting this picturesque tourist hot spot. The main baths are located on a roof overlooking a beautiful cityscape. Here you can dip into two spectacular baths, fed by the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters and refresh yourself in a series of aromatic steam rooms during a two or four hour package. Inside, the Minerva Bath awaits you. Named after the Roman Goddess of Health and Wisdom, this is the largest of the thermal baths. Distinguished by flowing curves and grand columns, the thermal waters are complemented by an invigorating massage jet and whirlpool. Guests can also breathe in the soothing vapours of the steam rooms, each of which is infused with an aromatic essence such as lotus flower or eucalyptus mint. A central ‘waterfall’ shower, interspersed with fibre optic lighting forms a wonderful refreshing treat. Afterwards you can all relax in your slippers and robes and dine on healthy snacks and juices in the spa’s restaurant, feeling revived, rejuvenated and ready for the evening ahead.  

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