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Cool down with a refreshing Mint Green Tea Tingler at Dolphin Spa

Posted: 10.06.14

When I heard Dolphin was a Moroccan themed spa I imaged it to be kitted out with a few ethnic looking textiles, the odd mosaiced lamp and that they’d serve tea on tap. Yet when I walked into the South London day spa tucked away in the residential quarters of Dolphin Square I had to double take. It was the spitting image of a spa I had visited in Marrakech. Dolphin had clearly done their homework – when they say authentic, they mean it.

The focal point of Dolphin Spa is its traditional Moroccan hammam – a room that consists of marble surfaces where you lay down to receive a number of nourishing, pampering and skin enhancing treatments. There also several private treatment rooms for massages, a steaming rhassoul room where your skin will receive an instant boost of radiance just from walking in and sitting down for a few minutes, a relaxation chamber where you can sit back and snooze, an outdoor courtyard and a soft seated area with cushions and magazines where tea is indeed served alongside bowls of dried fruits and nuts.

Choosing the treatment is the hardest part, they all have their appeal but the newest addition to The Dolphin Spa’s menu is the Mint Green Tea Tingler. Developed specifically for the summer, focusing on the lower body it combines massage with an invigorating scrub down using invigorating mineral salts which stimulate circulation, prompting skin cell renewal, leaving your legs smoother and toned. Just the results I was looking for though getting them was a bit more ‘shocking’ than I expected as I soon discovered the meaning of the word ‘tingler’ in the treatment – it wasn’t just down to the zingy zest of the green tea and ginger extracts….but the fact this is a hot and cold treatment!

The sessions starts by laying head down in the hammam where hot and cold (that’s the bit you need to brace yourselves for) water is splashed over your legs. Thankfully the cold sensation is brief yet effective, it certainly refreshes any tired muscles. Next up I was lathered up in scrubs and mud, turned over and the same done to the other side then finally it was time to lay back and relax. After a wash down I was transferred to the steaming rassoul room for as long as I could handle. Again there’s plenty of space to lay back – unlike normal steam rooms, rhassoul rooms are far more of a private experience, the steam is so dense you won’t notice if there’s anyone else in there with you.

Next up there was yet more lazing in the relaxation room before I was invited into a candle lit treatment room where the main massage takes place. A circulation boosting treatment it targets all the areas of your legs your normally forget about and the best part is that it made mine look and feel so smooth afterwards it was as though all my cellulite had disappeared.

Finally it was time for a warming cup of Moroccan tea which I sipped while deciding that actually I don’t need to book another holiday – next time I need some sunshine and a spot of Moroccan pampering, I’ll come back here.

The Moroccan Mint Green Tea Tingler costs £75 for 55 minutes.
Find out more about Dolphin Spa
The Spa, Dolphin Square, Chichester Street, London, SW1V 3LX

Momtaz Begum-Hossain


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