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Lush Spas have mastered it

Posted: 24.11.14

Lush is what shopping in heaven must be like. Think of Lush and you immediately picture the best-smelling and most colourful shop on the high-street. Walk in a store, and you're greeted by a rainbow of bathbombs, pampering products and huge smiles from lovely staff who say lovely things. Imagine then, with this level of service, what happens inside a Lush Spa...

Attached to various branches of Lush including Kings Road in London, where I visited, Lush Spas actually are little glimpses of heaven. I arrived for my appointment early enough to browse and sniff their latest range and was then led from the shop floor down a secret staircase by my therapist Nico into a kitchen that resembled a scene from Alice In Wonderland. There was a shelf full of massage bars in glass tea jars but rather than 'eat me/drink me' tags, they where labelled with states of mind; words which were also written across a large chalk board. Nico asked me to have a look at these words and pick the one I'd most like my treatment to make me feel like.

This is where it became apparent just how different the massage I was about to experience would be. When you book a massage you usually have some idea of what it will entail - Thai massages will stretch you out, Ayurvedic massages involve warm aromatic oils, deep tissue massage will relieve your muscles and the like. While most of these options are usually performed bespoke, at Lush, their treatments are so tailor-made that there's no other way to describe them other than a complete VIP experience.

The massage type I opted for was Lush Spa's 'signature treatment' Synaesthesia a multi-sensory full-body massage. When I stepped inside, my treatment room resembled a futuristic science lab. Lit up with candles and colourful lights my therapist suddenly became alchemist as he created bubbling beakers of fragrance mist and wafted them around the room, already my sight and smell senses were embarking on a journey. The travels continued over the next hour, while I lay down and drifted off to a CD composed especially for Peace themed massages. As my ears got their own workout, my body got some serious TLC.

Every limb was looked after in a mood-changing massage which sent me into a cocoon of peacefulness. Every mood has a different approach, for Peace there was greater focus on feet, an aspect I feel is often left out of full body massages. Some of the massage is a blur, it was so intuitive that it's hard to remember exactly what happened other than it was magical.

Afterwards I returned to Lush Spa's cosy country kitchen and sipped tea before popping to the loo where as a bonus, there are lots of Lush products to test out. I was given a Peace massage bar to take home to pro-long my experience. Rather than rushing back onto the tube and dashing home as quickly as is humanly possibly like I normally do, my body and mind slowed down to a pace that's more the kind of me I'd like to be.

Not a massage for every day, Synaesthesia is a special kind of treatment that should be a treat. Once you've had one, you'll want to share what you've been through but quite frankly an FB update won't cut it, so instead, as well as booking one for your birthday or special occasion, gift a Synaesthesia to friends and love ones - they will thank you forever.

The Synaesthesia treatment is available at Lush Spas nationwide and costs £125 for 80 minutes. Other treatments include a facial, foot treatment, soundbath and range of massages. Find your nearest Lush Spa here and shop for lovely Lush products here.

Momtaz Begum-Hossain

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