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Fariha visits The London Wellness Centre to revitalize herself…

Posted: 07.12.16

Living in a technological age means that even when we’re not at work, we’re constantly glued to our phones, tablets or laptops, leading to consistent complaints of aches and pains, as well as frequently resembling the Hunchback Of Notre Dame, with our craned neck syndrome. Pair that scenario with increasingly hectic personal and work lifestyles, equals a body that is tired, weary and crying for help. Many of us don’t find time to brush our hair, let alone go to the gym or exercise.

But when that ache gets worse, only then do you find the time to do something about it. A similar scenario happened with me, when I stumbled upon my fairy godmothers, The London Wellness Centre, conveniently situated near Canary Wharf, on my way home one day. Their belief in the rejuvenating and encouraging philosophy of ‘Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well’, I felt at ease the moment I entered the clinic. One of the UK’s leading chiropractors, Dr Joanna Lowry-Corry, introduced me to my first chiropractic session, beginning with a detailed account of what the practice entails and clearly explaining the anatomy of the body and the role each bone and muscle has. We also had a chat about general wellness and the significant impact this has on our day-to-day lives in detail. Although Joanna’s approach was very casual and simple, her perspective of wellbeing boosted me with a genuine motivation to make changes to my lifestyle, as I realised how much I actually neglect my body, as daily routines and duties take priority, leaving little time for your own wellbeing.

Following the motivational convo, Joanna carried out a thorough examination, including a delving into my diet, exercise and lifestyle. Then, by just maneuvering my body and limbs in certain positions, she knew my areas of trouble before I even told her anything. Beginning the treatment just like a magician, she worked her magic by clicking and cracking my bones to release tension and pain – which sounds a bit like a horror movie, but is strangely satisfying and miraculously provides an instant relief to the pain – such is the magic of chiropractics. The idea of visiting a chiropractor regularly, is to prevent aches and pains completely – an ethos they have full faith in and confidently instil in their clients. As a wellness centre situated amidst a hub of professionals who have insanely hectic lives, they also provide other services including podiatry, massages, nutritional therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, covering a variety of health areas.

Entrust your bones and limbs to the chiropractic genius of Joanna – not only will you come out feeling anew and refreshed, but you will feel super relaxed from within, with a fresh, positive perspective for your wellbeing.

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