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From Thea Expert Althea Giscombe, Founder of Thea Skincare

Posted: 06.03.12

It’s hard for mums to look after their families and try to take care of themselves at the same time so sometimes they just need to have a few hours ‘ME’ time to rejuvenate themselves both inside and out. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for mums to do this as it’s probably one of the only days of the year where family and friends offer some ‘ME’ time for their mums wherever they are in the world.

Treat mums to a Mother’s Day Home Pamper
Whether mums are staying in and being treated to a home cooked meal or being taken out to dinner by family or friends, encourage them to take a few hours before to treat themselves to a simple but really good Top to Toe Home Pamper session with some spa quality natural skincare products from Thea Skincare.

Here are some great tips to get mums started:

1. Start in the morning with an inside detox by boiling some hot water and squeezing half a lemon in the water.Add some natural organic honey to sweeten if required. Drink it hot like tea it’s a wonderful detox for the inside!

2. Treat yourself to a mini home steam facial. Double cleanse your face, then apply an exfoliator such as Thea Super Hydration Face Exfoliant (50ml, £22.95), prepare a bowl of warm to hot water to steam your face over the bowl (put a towel over your head to keep the steam in) for about 5 minutes.This will open and clean out your pores and help the exfoliator seal into the skin, and soften and remove those dead cells which will be removed when you wipe off the exfoliator. Apply a toner such as Thea Moisture Rich Facial Toner (150ml £14.95) if you don’t have a toner wash your face in cold water to close and tighten the pores and finally apply the Thea Perfect Me Face Moisturiser (100ml £15.95), to leave your face looking radiant with a dewy glow!

3. Whilst in the shower apply with gentle circular movements the natural Thea Lavender Soufflé Body Scrub (200 grams £18.95), this work wonders for dry skin, leaves your skin feeling baby bottom smooth and helps to fight the dreaded cellulite!

4. Moisturise your body from head to toe with the Thea Wild Yam Body Crème (200ml £19.95) (you should make this a daily lifestyle habit) to nourish and feed your skin, the largest organ of the body.You’ll see the results in no time-with hydrated, healthy glowing skin all over!

5. Look after your hands and feet - these can be the first visible signs of ageing whether you’re looking after your skin or not. For a quick foot treatment soak your feet in warm water and add a few drops of Olive Oil to the water.Then after drying your feet give them an extra nourishment by applying the Thea Ultra Soothing Foot Crème (50ml £9.95) and wrapping them in a plastic bag for around 15 mins! Wipe excess butter off and feel the difference.This is a great treatment for dry, cracked heels!

6. Treat your hands, give your self a mini manicure, by soaking hands in warm water with a little olive oil in. Removing cuticles and exfoliating hands helps them to look healthy and reduces appearance of lines. Finish the manicure by giving the hands a deep nourishing treat using the Thea Coconut & Jojoba Nourishing Hand Crème (50ml, £9.95).


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