Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Posted: 03.10.12

Each year 46,00 people in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer –that’s equal to one in nine women developing breast cancer at some point in their lives. 4000 women are diagnosed every month, while another 1000 will die from the disease in that same month.

What causes breast cancer?
Every case is different and it’s impossible to pinpoint why individuals get cancer. However, risks do increase if it already exists in your family, if you suffer from obesity, or if you use hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives. In most instances, having a healthy, active lifestyle can reduce the risk, although it is not uncommon for women who look after themselves to contract the cancer.
In the last decade the number of breast cancer diagnosis’ in the UK has increased, but the good news is that more women are surviving it than ever before. Early detection is vital for this, but according to research by Breast Cancer Care, a shocking 43% of black and minority ethnic (BME) women admit to never looking at or feeling their breasts – 56% say this is because they don’t know what to look for. Don’t become part of this statistic, make sure you stay in control of your health: 

How do I check my breasts?
There’s no right or wrong way to check your breasts but it’s important to get to
know them so that you can immediately spot any irregularities.
Keep an eye on all parts of your breast, your armpits and up to your collarbone.

What should I look and feel for?
• Changes in size and shape
• Changes in skin texture such as
puckering or dimpling
• Inverted nipple
• A lump or thickening of breast tissue
• Redness or a rash on the skin or
around the nipple
• Constant pain in breast or armpit
• Swelling in armpit/around collarbone

The 5 point code
1. Know what is normal for you
2. Know what to look for and feel for
3. Look and feel
4. Report any changes to your GP
without delay
5. Attend routine breast screening if
you are 50 or over – encourage
relatives/friends in this bracket to do so.


Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Is a charity dedicated to saving lives by finding the causes of breast cancer, improving detection, diagnosis, treatment and services. They run regular fund raising events and anyone is welcome to take part.

Cancer Research UK
The world’s leading charity is dedicated to beating cancer through research and is the UK’s largest single funder of breast cancer research. It also provides information and advice for cancer patients and their families. Visit 

Breast Cancer Care
Offers free, confidential support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer. This includes a helpline, informative website and online forums
offering expert information and emotional and practical support. Log onto or call the free helpline on 0808 800 6000.

Look Good… Feel Better
LGFB offers free skincare and make-up workshops in 59 UK hospitals to female cancer patients. The session, hosted by volunteer beauty consultants, help
thousands of women to look and feel more like their ‘normal’ selves after losing their hair, eyebrows and confidence in a fun and interactive way.
A DVD and booklet is also available. Visit or call 01372 747500.



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