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Posted: 06.03.12

No laughing matter
I’m a happy person but everyone thinks I’m moody because I’m too conscious to laugh in case people spot my crooked teeth. But I hate the idea of braces more!

One of the best ways to do this is to straighten and uncross your teeth is… with a brace. Before you run away, wait – allow us to introduce you to the invisible brace! There are two main types of invisible braces. Those which are fixed to your teeth. These can be either on the outside of teeth or the inside (these are called Lingual braces). The other is in the form of a ‘take in and out’ invisible brace which is ideal when eating and drinking. And the best part is, treatment can be from as little as three months.
Before your teeth can be moved or straightened you must have healthy teeth and gums which usually requires a visit to your general dentist who will give you a clean bill of health before you make an appointment to see an Orthodontist.
At your assessment the Orthodontist will devise a treatment plan which may require tooth extraction to create space.
Once your treatment has been completed you will be required to wear retainers (a device to keep your teeth straight). This is very important, as otherwise your teeth may move back to their original position.
If you are still not convinced and have decided braces are definitely not for you, then Brackenwood Dental can talk you through the several alternative cosmetic procedures available to work out a realistic action plan to see how we can put that smile back on your face!

Brace Yourself
Precautions you need to take when wearing a brace
AVOID chewing gum as this will wrap around your brace and make it extremely difficult to clean!
CUT food into smaller pieces and chew mainly at the back and avoid using front teeth to bite in to things, such as apples and bagettes.
DO NOT miss appointments as this will prolong your treatment.
ALWAYS carry a small
inter-dental brush as this will make it easier to help clean your teeth during the day.
MAKE SURE you wear your retainers as advised, because otherwise your teeth will move!

Teething Problems
I brush my teeth twice daily, but don’t see the point of flossing. Is it really necessary?

If you brush effectively you are only reaching 60% of your tooth surface as the brush does not clean in between your teeth. If you do not floss in addition to brushing you are more likely to get gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay and also decrease the life of any restorations you may have. There are many types of floss or tape but usually the waxed type are much easier to use. When you consider that research suggests a few minutes spent flossing daily is believed to increase life expectancy by seven years. We think that’s a good point, don’t you?
Heart disease runs in my family. My husband’s doctor friend has apparently suggested I go for a dental check up. That doesn’t make any sense to me!
Your husband’s friend suggested the right thing. It is essential that you have your mouth assessed, as there is a definite link between heart and gum disease. Research has found that subjects with gum disease have an increase in C-reactive protein and fibrinogen – proteins associated with increased risk of heart disease and blood clotting. Those who have high levels of these proteins are at risk of heart disease and removal of dental plaque bacteria by gum treatment reduces the levels close to a low risk level. Even eating can release bacterial endotoxins from the mouth to the bloodstream. Indeed bacteria from the gums can begin infections in other parts of the body. People with diabetes, respiratory disorders, osteoporosis and pregnant women are also at risk.

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