Bengali Wins UK’s Sexiest Vegan Title

Essex based Anna Solaiman named sexiest vegan 

Posted: 23.07.15

In a nation-wide competition, PETA UK awarded the title of sexiest British Vegan to Bengali hottie Anna Solaiman. Asian culture is very much food-centric, and a desi spread is more of often than not a total meat-fest, so coming from a culture and community of carnivores, it’s no small feat accomplishing a vegan diet successfully. But gaining recognition through such a title, this is the perfect opportunity for make-up artist Anna to spread more awareness of her choice of lifestyle, one that is quite rare in South Asians. Having said that, it is becoming more fashionable to become vegan, with many prominent celebs like Beyonce being vegan. Self proclaimed ‘crazy animal lover’ Anna is on a mission to lure her Asian friends and clients with delicious vegan curries: ‘This is always the perfect opportunity to talk and spread awareness about animal testing and animal ingredients in products they may be using as not everyone realises how much animal abuse there is in the beauty industry alone’. Spread the love Anna!

Fariha Sabir 

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