Sway Maternity Wear

Look your best when you're expecting - Asian maternity wear by Sunita Hirani

Posted: 16.07.14

I chose ‘Sway’ because that’s how I want women to feel when they’re expecting. The main purpose behind my designs is to promote comfort. When expectant women walk, I want them to feel as if they’re walking freely without the feel of discomfort.

I was my own inspiration
People talk about 'yummy mummies' for Asian women it's much more difficult. Whilst I was pregnant with my two children, I found that there was nothing out there in the Asian market for expectant women. You’ll either purchase something that is too big, and makes you look like a house or wear a maxi, but I didn't want to blend in with the others. I also didn’t want women to feel left out when it came to the Asian festivities. 

Glamour without the bling
Asian culture emphasises the beauty of colour and that’s what I want my clothing to represent. I classify myself as a forever green individual, where I mainly want to associate my evening wear with darker colours. It’s not all about sparkle, it’s not all about the bling. My definition of glamour represents having a nice cut and nice fit. I want my clothing to establish a contrast. You be chic without Swarovski jewels. 

The trouble with tailors
Although I’ve received positive feedback on my garments the most difficult aspect has been trying to get a tailor to understand my vision. They tend to ask as to why I’m covering this area of fashion and why I’m using jersy. If you mention maternity in terms of party wear, they’ll respond with a kurta top. 

Bumping along
It can be an absolute nightmare trying to put on a sari when you’re pregnant, especially the petticoats. I want to take the ‘over the bump’ approach to make it easier and less daunting for expectant women when it comes to occasions. 

Going global
For now my clothes are available in the UK but I hope that one day they will be stocked around the world!

Interview by Simi Gupta

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