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Brand 'Saifeena' show they're not just a partnership when it comes to love, they're the brand power house everyone's looking to sign up....

Posted: 06.07.12

You wouldn't think Saif-eena were tying the knot this Autumn. While most couples woud be running around like headless chickens planning their event, Saif Ali Khan and his beau Kareena Kapoor have been spotted chilling out and continuing life as normal  - infact, Saif was in London this week promoting his next movie, Cocktail with Deepika Padukone.

The pair are reported to be drawing up their guest list and have extended a special invitation to Kareena's ex, Shahid Kapoor, whom she left to be with Saif. Astronglers have recommended the Big Day takes place on October 16th - which still gives them to do their other passion; working on their dream team brand.

As well as starring in several movies together, the pair are looking for ways to work together out of moviedom, starting with ad campaigns. The lovebirds have been appointed Brand Ambassors for Metro Shoes, a chic footwear company for fashion conscious Indians.

The girl's range, modelled by Kareena comprises ballet style pumps, vibrant hued wedges bohemiam printed peep toes and multi-strapped sandals with the an eclectic colour palette ranging from vivacious pinks and blues along with funky neon’s.

While Saif's posters adorn the footwear that every fashionista man should be seen in this season; denim shoes, bright coloured loafers, patent leather formals, suede’s and gladiator chappals in shades of deep purple, chocolate browns and cherry reds.


Sadly the ranges aren't available in the UK so if you want to get your hands on a pair, you may need to book a holiday to India, though with the the summer holidays around the corner that's your holiday destination sorted! Images from Metro Shoes.

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