Parul Ramjee’s unique sarees and stylish womenswear

Posted: 24.09.13

How did the label parulSignature come about?

parulSignature started as a concept a few years ago when I was working as a designer in UK. It aims to express British Asian creativity through its artistic designs - every garment is inspired by Indian traditions with a strong British influence.

What makes you different? 

I think out of the box to make innovative sarees applying intelligent creativity, giving the customer with a very artistic and niche look. The trends and styles mix eastern and western designs, embellishments, art and colour. Garments are available bespoke and ready-to-wear and are all made and designed in the UK.

It’s great to see you celebrating the sari and making it appeal to the modern women…

The sari symbolises the very essence of Indian fashion and has been part of the culture for thousands of years. It especially signifies royal India and I feel privileged to be given this blank canvas to express my designs, applying my British Asian influences to help shape future trends.

Your saris are very unique and unlike any others on the market, can you tell us more about them?
parulSignature mainly sells high quality creative silk saris, womenswear garments and accessories. The sarees are timeless art pieces, where a lot of focus is given creating intelligent concepts, applying innovative designs, materials and enhancing with colours and embellishments. My aim is to create saris that are recognised for their creativity, setting trends in today’s global market. Each sari design and blouse is individually created like a painting to tell a story of words. It translates into a 3D sculpture, that you can drape around your body, creating a living, moving, majestic masterpiece. Sarees are a ‘must love’ regal garment for every woman to have in her wardrobe. They must live on so that all future generations continually love to wear them. At the same time my designs aim to bring a mix of British Asian expression that you can easily identify with and be proud of.

Who does all the design at parulSignature?

Me, Parul Ramjee. I’m the Chief Designer. I received a 1st Class Honours in Fashion and Contour Design here in the UK and after finishing my studies I worked in number of British fashion companies as a designer, applying my knowledge and gaining experience in the British fashion industry.

Where do your influences come from?
My influences come from within, a bit like music, you feel it! I just find the whole earth so beautiful even where there is chaos. You always find something that speaks to you which you want to embrace and translate. I have travelled a lot and during my visit to the Indian city of Jaipur, I have memories of the outfits worn by village women, which inspired me to create a lovely black traditional sari that was given a twist to make it wearable and present.

Colour is a signature part of your designs. Why do you think it is so important for Asian women to embrace colour?
I believe Asian women can embrace most colours due to our lovely varied skin tones. Also our culture is full of warm colours such as our weddings and spices.

Tell us about some of the prints we can find in your work, they are very striking.
My print designs are the hallmark of the saris. They create a distinctive style when worn. The peacock print collection is literally about the peacock; it is about beauty, mating, drawing attention using colours which reflects a very dominate statement. Also I have used bold design construction, just like the peacock when it fans out its feathers they are arranged so preciously.

I try not to add lots of embroidery work on the saris prints because the way the print drapes on the body, it is meant to show off the story within the design and colour on the women. Making her the main focus, the pure silk fabric gives her that sexy graceful look and the rich soft feel from the material. Each sari print design and blouse is individually created like a painting to tell a story of words.



Hair & make-up: Dil Matharu
Photography: Focus





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