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Shahid Kapoor sets new hair trend for Bollywood

Posted: 10.04.15

We all love Shahid Kapoor for so many different reasons – for his superb acting, charismatic dancing and boyish good looks, but we also love that he experiments with his hair, which is something not that commonly done amongst the hunks of Bollywood. His big healthy mop became his signature look, but he did shock us all when he shaved off all his locks for his role in Haider, demonstrating his versatility and commitment as an actor. Although he carried off the short hair look well, thankfully his mop has grown back, and he has once again sported a new look – a man bun. This hairdo has been around internationally for some time now, but we had yet to see our favourite stars dare to be different, and we must say that the do suits him well, looking stylish and cool. It is not a look that everyone will be able to carry off, but let’s see if his fellow B-towners follow suit – the Haider star may have just set a new trend.

Fariha Sabir

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