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Posted: 10.09.12

When it comes to designing, talent is what matters
Some people may be surprised to hear I’ve already launched my first collection, even though I’ve just turned 23, but it proves that the industry is not about age or experience. I graduated from Pakistan’s most highly anticipated Fashion School Called (PIFD) Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design in Lahore last year 2011. I was spotted and given an award that sponsored me to put out my debut collection by the end of the year.

I’m very drawn to nature, which you’ll see in my designs
My inspiration comes from everywhere but mainly it’s very organic and comes naturally. I am a green person and am totally in love with mother nature. We learned everything from nature from the day we were born. Even urban life is inspired by the wild.

Animals play a big role in my current collection
My Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is called Secure Insecure. I was immensely influenced by my tribe, a minority from my hometown in Quetta City, Pakistan, who are facing genocide. We are a tribe who are helpless and we do not know who are these people are and why are they killing us. I have prints of cheetah and zebra as reference to the killers and victims. I also have chains printed on my garments to represent the lack of security my tribe face.

It was a career highlight to present at Pakistan Fashion Week London
It was the first international showcase of my work and it got a great response. I felt the event it self was an extremely important platform for emerging designers and the whole team were so passionate, I’m sure it will soon become one of the biggest Asian fashion events in Europe.

I hope you like the pictures!
While taking part in events and catwalks is exciting, seeing your work professionally styled and photographed takes it to a whole new level! I had the pleasure of working with stylist Iffat Raja and a fabulous make-up artist called Huma Mirza who understood my vision for make-up for my clothes. It made me realise how important the details are, it not just about having great clothes, but also making them look good is what makes a collection, a success. We also had a nail artist (Mitra Mirza) and hair stylist (Fyza Raja) which added to the overall look we were going for. 
The Autumn/Winter theme is made from an usual collection of fibres like natural and synthetic but with an edge. I’m highly influenced by Lady Gaga because it’s great to have someone who is daring. As a designer it pushes you outside the bubble which helps you gain confidence.

The future’s bright!
Over the next five years I want to work more for other designers and international brands. I am not in a rush to become overly successful until I hit my 30’s. Before then I want to experience as many things as possible, not just by becoming a designer who makes pretty clothes, but someone who designs with maturity.

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Interview by Iffat Raja
Images by Suleman Ahmed

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