Treasures From The Punjab

V&A exhibition exploring arts and crafts in India and Pakistan

Posted: 12.01.17

Brace yourselves. 2017 is set to be a year filled with exhibitions, talks, films and events all marking the 70th anniversary of India's independence and the birth of India and Pakistan. They kick off at the V&A Museum in London with a free entrance celebrating the achievements and passions of Lockwood Kipling (1837-1911), father of writer Rudyard (author of The Jungle Book), who was one of the original curators at the V&A, and went on to dedicate his life to preserving and promoting Indian arts and crafts. 
Lockwood was a social campaigner for the preservation of Indian crafts who himself was an artist and craftsman. As a teenager he first discovered Indian crafts after he visited The Great Exhibition, a major international exhibition which was the first time British people were able to observe arts, crafts and findings from abroad. Many of the items on display were later acquired by the V&A as part of their original collection of Indian crafts. 

After working at the V&A, Lockwood was headhunted to move to India and he and his wife Alice spent 10 years in Bombay before moving to Lahore. The exhibition travels through these regions showcasing all manor of creative works from ceramics and textiles through to furniture and illustration. There's a number of films incorporated into the exhibition; the most pleasing of which is a beautiful film depicting architecture in Pakistan and an insightful film into the lives of current artisans in the Punjab.

Lockwood Kipling: Arts & Crafts in the Punjab and London
Runs 14th January - 2nd April 2017 and then moves to New York. 

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