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Malkit Singh’s niece Ramee takes to the mic

Posted: 02.08.12

You’ve been in showbiz most of your life, haven’t you missed out on your childhood?
I’ve been acting for 11 years and I’m now 18. I’ve grown up around entertainment – it’s part of who I am! I’m also a former radio presenter on Awaz FM, my local radio station in Scotland as well as being a model for the last two years. This year I was crowned Miss India Scotland…and now I’ve released a single! I’ve come a long way and I’ve faced many knock backs but I’ve always tried to improve myself. Also I love being in the public eye, it feels great to be known and to be recognised when you’re out and about.

Sounds like a perfect life! Does this mean you can skip school too?
No way!  I’m still studying. My parents have always said that my singing must not interfere with my education…though singing is what I want to do so I do concentrate on it a bit more!

Speaking of’re relate to the legendary Malkit Singh, or is that just a rumour?
I would like to say that this was not a publicity stunt and if I wasn’t related to Malkit Singh I wouldn’t have said I was!
Malkit Singh is my uncle - we’re blood related. There were a few issues with his management who didn’t want to be associated with me but you can’t change what is real! In terms of using Malkit Singh for quick fame, this is not true. I’m here because Mumzy spotted me and  because of my own hard work and talent: not because I’m related to a renowned Bhangra singer – talent speaks for itself.

Tell us about the Mumzy connection.
I sent Mumzy my demo and wasn’t really expecting him to get back to me as quick as he did, I was shocked when I saw an email from Mumzy’s management in my inbox inviting me for an audition! Mumzy’s music is very different and I wanted to try something new – I felt Mumzy was the right choice and it’s worked out very well, having him sign me up to his label Tiffin Beat Record and produce my songs - he's like a brother to me as well as being my mentor.  

Ramee will be doing touring this summer’s mela circuit.
Catch her at the London Mela August 19th and then Swindon, Manchester and Newcastle.

Interview by Balwinder Attwal

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