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John Abraham gives Asiana an exclusive insight into his latest release, Rocky Handsome

Posted: 27.03.16

The robust and Herculean John Abraham has demonstrated his multi-faceted talents by being super-hunky, a fine actor and a credible producer in his career thus far. Further making his mark in the industry, John stars as the main lead in his newest movie Rocky Handsome, an action thriller also produced by him. In conversation with the ruggedly handsome action man himself, John reveals more about Rocky Handsome and why it should not be missed. Oh, and just when you think he can’t ooze any more sex appeal, he talks fifty shades of romance and crazy scary stunts he had to perform as Rocky Handsome. If anyone can make angry look sexy, it’s John Abraham - we can’t wait to see him all sweaty, fitter than ever and frenzied on the big screen…

Can you tell us more about your character?
There’s this little girl who calls me handsome all the time and she says, you know what, you look like a criminal and you’d look really cool in jail! As you progress through the film, you see this really hard man being slowly broken down and something happens in the film where you realise this guy is a killing machine. You then figure out that his code name is Rocky. That’s the beauty about this film – it’s an emotional film at its core, but it’s also got specialised action sequences like never seen before in Indian cinema. We’re very proud of this film, we’re very hopeful that this film makes an impact in the hearts of the audience and they come out with a smile and a tear in their eye at the same time.

Would you say your role is quite different to what you have played in the past?
It’s different and similar. I’d say it’s in my comfort zone, it’s something that comes very easily and I do well. It’s different because the script is different – it’s a very special script, which is why I decided to produce it. I want to do films that are credible, content that is fantastic and stories that can be told and Rocky Handsome has all three. It was very important for me to attach to that a fantastic director and after working with Shoojit Sircar for Vicky Donor and Madras Café, I’ve been fortunate and feel honoured to have Nishikant Kamant as director of this film.

You’ve played action man before, but the fatherly role you are portraying is quite different, how was it working with little Diya?
That’s the beauty of this role, their relationship is so stunning. I believe that any father who sees the film, or anyone for that matter, will really relate to this film. This is a film for all to see and to enjoy the journey of.

Would you like your own kids one day?
I haven’t really thought about that, I’ll probably cross that bridge when I come to it and I’m just enjoying my journey right now and the relationship I have with Diya in Rocky Handsome!

Rocky Handsome is being compared a lot to Bajrangi Bhaijaan, but they do seem like two very different films, how would you say your character differs to Salman’s character?
I think Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a very beautiful film, it was emotionally so fulfilling. But please keep in mind that Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Rocky Handsome are two completely different films and scripts. The appeal of Rocky Handsome is specialised action sequences, so the only thing similar between the two films is the bond between the man and the little girl, and the emotions in the film. The emotions are so beautiful and you must give credit to a child who brings out those strong emotions, so organically and so truthfully.

It looks like a very action packed flick, what was the craziest stunt you had to perform?
I’m a big fan of silat which is an Indo-Malaysian action combat form, where you have hand to hand close combat with knives which is crazy, because during my rehearsals of fourteen hours a day for one month, knives were jamming to my body and they were blunt knives but by the evening I was black and blue. When you see it, I would really like people to know that all the scenes that they are seeing are highly impactful but at the same time very aesthetic. It’s not a film or action that will make you cringe – we showed it to an all woman audience and they totally loved the action, they found it sexy, cool, intelligent. I think that’s what action should be and India’s never seen intelligent action like that. So I’m happy to be perhaps the first one to make that difference, just like Madras Café was the first of it’s kind, so it’s important to make an impact with the film.

Do you prefer playing action man or the romantic hero?
I don’t like romantic heroes because they are very boring. Even in your real life, - today, romance is not about boring boy meeting girl anymore. You have fifty shades even in your real life, so why should we play normal boring romantic heroes on screens?! It’s really really boring! So, I’d rather play an action hero, although I’d love to do romance, but romance with an edge. Romance that is different, that is gripping. Romance that gets you to the edge. So that is important. 

Rocky Handsome is out in cinemas now

Interview by Fariha Sabir

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