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Harneet Bhullar finds out how one British actress landed her first role in Bollywood

Posted: 12.10.14

Congratulations, you’ve just finished shooting your first Bollywood blockbuster bPositive, so tell us where did your love for acting come from?
It’s really always been there. I can be shy but as soon as I am in front of the camera I become alive. Also it helps that I lived in Dubai - we used watched so many films a day not even a week - my family are huge film fanatics! How did your family react to your choice of career? They are supportive, it is important for them to support and to understand, I have an amazing mother she is a guide she looks at a lot of scripts for me and advices me on what to take and what not to take. The industry can offer you things that sometimes look glossy but actually it can destroy your career doing things you don’t understand.

What was your first acting experience, and were you nervous?
I first started modelling then I did big commercials, which were global commercials, and I then went into TV presenting for a bank. I genuinely thought my career would be TV presenting. Then I had an offer for acting. I was not nervous I was comfortable and I knew it was right. I had the script and I was more apprehensive as in OMG how am I going to learn these lines and deliver? But I found I could learn a full movie script in less than two weeks. However the acting I would like to develop upon. I feel so comfortable when I am acting it just feels so natural.

How did ‘bpositive’ come your way and what was your reaction to such big news?
I knew the Executive Producer. He put me forward to the Director who loved my look. We spoke about the script and he told me the details about the project. I then flew out two weeks later so it did all happen very fast.

Having shot in the UK already and now in India, what are the differences you found on the sets? And which do you prefer?
Huge difference. Massive! I love India and all the glamour and hype. The people are so hardworking in India but they are in the UK too. I understand the culture but not so much the language. I had to operate with five different languages and that was very difficult for me.

Would you ever consider moving to India?
I’m having a lot of offers from US at the moment. But since I re visited India I am having offers from Bollywood too. I have had four scripts in just one week. I will consider moving as I love the people in India and the food is great. definitely consider moving to India.

Who is your favourite Bollywood actor/actress and whom would you want to work with in the future?

Growing up I watched Amitabh Bachan films and I still adore him as an actor. I would love to work with such a legend in my eyes. Also I would like to work with Salman Khan, I think he is interesting, he has a good personality and looks really good on the screen.

You visited an orphanage in Belgium, can you tell us a little about this experience?
My co-star knew the orphanage. He mentioned to them that a British woman before has never visited them and they were keen for me to come It was not something I ever imagined - it was very clean and the children were well looked after. It was sad and the stories were upsetting but they were well looked after so well that it took the sadness out. I hope to support them more in the future.

What can we look forward to next from you?
I have a British horror movie my way. I have been signed up to a franchise film called Fight Back similar to Slumdog Millionaire but it shows positive things in India. It is a bit of an action but mainly romance and I have a lead role in that which will be out next year.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully working with a production house. I am so fortunate to have lived my dreams of acting and I hope that I am in a position to help others go far. I currently have my own production company called Tanabi Films based in Swansea and Miami, hopefully I would have grown that too.

bPositive is released in 2015

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