Indian Nightscapes

Incredible images captured by photographer Gavin Evans

Posted: 13.08.14

There’s no denying that India is a photographer’s paradise. Every where you look, each gaze and glimpse is like an artistic vision you want to hold on to. But it’s not just in the day time that India looks beautiful with its colourful clothing and textiles on washing lines, glistening of temple décor, architectural wonders and street characters; at night it is just as unique. Trouble is when you try and take photos at night, it’s so hard to capture the atmosphere without losing the beauty of the setting. Photographer Gavin Evans took on the challenge and spent three months travelling across India, recording his own diary of sights, sounds and experiences, including dramatic nightscapes. Gavin explains: ‘India moves at breakneck speed but in the dead of night the frame is frozen. People sleep where they stand: stalls by day are beds by night. Away from the cities, rural India sleeps under a heavy blanket of stars. Out there the elements threaten. In Nightscapes, the nocturnal landscapes of India's cities and countryside are captured in forensic detail, uncovering and mapping a country as it sleeps.’

Gavin used the new Sony Alpha 7R (£1,699) camera to capture these exquisite photos, shared here exclusively in an online exhibition for Asiana. It’s a professional, palm-sized camera with interchangeable lens which makes it lightweight and great for travelling with. Find out more about the camera here.

All images shot on the Sony Alpha 7R camera 

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