How To Drape A Sari

A book that explains everything you need to know!

Posted: 16.05.13

Every woman should know how to wear a sari, but let’s face it, it’s not the easiest of garments to get right. Thankfully then professional sari draper Kalpana Shah has produced a book with step-by-step instructions on how to wear a sari in a number of ways including basic draping, corporate stye, with an open pallu or even with a retro twist.

And when we say book, we’re not taking your usual paperback that collects dust on the bookshelf, this is a coffee table book that will inspire anyone who sees it. They won’t just admire the photos either, it really does have excellent practical advice and tips that even the most seasoned sari wearer will appreciate. 

The book begins with a description of the origins sari, including incredible facts that even we didn’t know…like saris have been around for 5,000 years! 

Described by Kalapana as ‘a length of fabric that clings to a woman’s body like a long lost lover, embracing her curves, concealing her flaws and extolling her virtues’, if you don’t own one, or haven’t worn one for a while, after leafing through the gorgeous images and fashion photography, you will certainly want to, especially as you’ll now know how to wear one.

Each chapter has clear, images and easy to follow instructions to ensure your sari looks elegant and classic, however you choose to style it

The Whole 9 Yards – The art of draping an Indian sari by Kalpana Shah is out now, published by Klipart Kreaions Pvt Ltd

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