Heaven Sent

Meet the boy who wanted to be Jesus

Posted: 20.07.12

Earlier this week Afnan Ifitakar was the first finalist to bow out of ITV’s latest hunt for a singing sensation – Superstar. The show sees 10 contestants, who fought off thousands of hopefuls, try and win the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar. In an exclusive interview with Asiana.TV, Afnan tells us why not making it up the stairway to heaven won’t stop his future plans for world domination.

Hang on a minute…haven’t we seen you somewhere before?
I’ve been in a few bands…not boybands, but rock bands! One of my previous outfits Back Street Angel did pretty well on a show on BBC 3. But I left the leathers behind for the world of opera.

An Asian boy sing opera? And more to the point, can a Muslim boy really play Jesus?
Of course! It’s just acting after all. When I first got into musicals, Jesus was the one role I really wanted to land so when the show came up I had to apply! As for other Asians…I thought I was the only one until I went to an audition recently, then when I entered the room I was faced with 20 clones of me! We had a laugh about it though.

Tell us some gossip about Andrew…
He’s a lovely man. Me and the other contestants were really lucky to be able to spend some time at his home in Mallorca; it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. And when I saw his guest book I realised how privileged I was to be there, everyone from Prince Harry to Elton John had signed it!

We hear that while the boys ate hot dogs, you stuck with the healthier option of salmon. Why?
I’m a fitness freak. I train five times a week, cardio every day and generally eat very healthily. It helps that I’m not big on curry, I’m not a fan of grease (only the musical!) but then ‘well- being’ is a big part of my life. I’m about to reveal a secret here…but I love mediation and things like reiki, there’s a lot we can learn from them.

Are we going to see you on Geordie Shore any time soon?
No! I’m from Newcastle but most of the time I’m in London for castings. I do modeling too so and am already back to looking for the next opportunity, but it probably won’t be another reality TV show just yet.

So what’s next?
If Bollywood came knocking I would never say no. Otherwise I’m working on doing more film, tv, modeling. The great thing about the creative industry is that it’s so unpredictable. There’s a whole landscape out there waiting to be painted and I’m hoping to take over the world by doing everything. This is just the beginning...



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