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Sonakshi Sinha takes a break from her vacations to tell Harneet Bhullar about her new movie

Posted: 03.06.14

What was it like working with Akshay kumar again?
Great! Every time I work with him it’s always a better experience - he is just a wonderful person.

What was it about the movie that made you say yes?
It is a remake and I absolutely loved the original so that was one of the biggest reasons I agreed. I also thought it would be wonderful as it's different from all the other roles I have previously played.

How would you describe your character?
I play the role of a young girl and to be honest I think she is similar to me and probably the closest character to myself from other roles I have played. She is a sporty person and I also used to play a lot of sport when I was younger so I felt I could relate to the character. She is a fun, interesting and an intelligent girl.

Did you feel nervous working with director A.R.Murugadoss?
Not at all I was very excited. Ghajini was a brilliant movie and this is now his second movie in Hindi. He is a wonderful person, knows what he wants and brings out the best in you. Holiday is very much a family entertainer and has a very interesting subject that will appeal to all ages.

Why should we watch this movie?
It is directed by a great director, any one who loved Ghajini will enjoy it especially. The plot is really interesting and also the soundtrack is great. There are three lovely romantic songs in this movie which I personally love and I hope the audience will too.

Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty is released on June 6th 2014

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