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Posted: 02.03.12

Ekk Deewana Tha
Congratulations for your new film Ekk Deewana Tha. This is your Bollywood debut as a lead role. Were you shocked when you found out you had the part?

It’s fantastic; it hasn’t really sunk in what so ever. It’s been like a whirlwind for me. I don’t think I’ll believe it’s happened until I see it on the big screen so I can’t wait for it to release now.

I had no intention of trying to break into Bollywood. When my first movie was released (Madrasapattinam) it did so well that I started to get more offers coming in. It was quite a shock for me to go straight into Bollywood after my first movie was beyond incredible and I couldn’t wait to start it to be honest. It was a fantastic opportunity. It was my first experience of Mumbai as well. I had never seen Mumbai before and never visited the city. So when I came over for filming my first impression was ‘wow’. It was a new experience, everything was completely new and throughout the movie I was facing different things.

What challenges did you face when filming?
The Indian language and getting into the character was a challenge. The movie is actually really heavy in terms of dialogue pace between my co-star and I. Getting into the character was another challenge, just because she so different from me. She’s completely the opposite and she’s very much the introvert. She’s from a very orthodox Christian family so things like falling in love or partying are completely out of the question. It was nice to play a part that is the complete contrast to me in real life.

Tell us about your character…

She’s very headstrong and knows exactly what she wants; however because of her family she can’t always do what she wants. She’s very restricted in that sort of way. That was defiantly different because my mum and dad and my family are very open minded, they let me do my own thing. On a level where the character knows what she wants to do and is an independent person, yes I can relate to her.

How nervous were you?

I’ve never even acted before. I used to go to small drama classes but I was always really shy and would feel really embarrassed acting in front of people. I won a miss teen world competition in 2009 and the director of my first movie had seen me on the miss teen world website and thought that I had the perfect look for the role.

They must love your accent in India!

They love it, they really do but everyone thinks I’m from Ireland. They’re not used to the scouse accent. Everybody speaks perfect English over here. I think they speak better English than me to be honest. The language barrier wasn’t really an issue. It was just the Hindi that affected me obviously; I’ve got to learn Hindi. Learning Hindi was my new years resolution!

Your character trying to not get too involved with this guy – do you think women give in to persistence in the end?
I think they give in to what they’re heart tells them … the only reason it’s not working is because of other people and because of her family influences. She’s meant to have an arranged marriage, so a love marriage is completely out of the question. But when she meets this guy and he falls in love with her, her mind set sort of changes. Her heart in a way speaks louder than her head.

What was it like working alongside Prateik?
When we first met he was very quiet and timid. As a co-star goes, he’s very talented and very dedicated to his work. It was great to work with someone like that because obviously that rubs off on you. He’s very helpful; whenever I needed something (as I’m new to the city). I was very lucky. 

You were born in the Isle of Man and lived in Liverpool. Do you miss being here? I get home sick every so often. At the moment I have no time to think about home, its super busy and chocker block over here. I actually spent Christmas away for the first time ever in 19 years so that was new and such a big change. I’m actually settled over here in Mumbai, I’ve recently got a place over here. It’s my new home.

Were you always a big Bollywood fan?

I’m a huge fan now. Of course I was aware of Bollywood, it’s a huge phenomenon worldwide. Actually my manager has given me some Bollywood studying to do. He’s given me a list of films and classic Bollywood DVD’s to watch. I started watching them the other day.

You were hotly tipped to be Miss England – what was the experience like for you?
Miss England was a fantastic experience. I won miss Liverpool and then entered into the Miss England competition and I met so many good friends there that I still keep in contact with today. It was a great pageant because our charity ‘the variety club’ was something that played a huge part in the competition and we actually raised over £250,000 for that charity. It was a great experience.
Ekk Deewana Tha is out on the 17th February 

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