The Bard goes Bollywood in Phizzical's latest must-watch production...

Posted: 01.11.13

It's not every day Shakespeare gets a Bollywood makeover; and it turns out to be so good that every theatre in the UK wants it!
Cymbeline, the new production by Phizzical is currently on a staggering 50 day tour, calling in on 22 venues including Nottingham, Bath, Northern Ireland, Leicester, London and Bedford. The talented cast of six, deliver the tale of power, passion and treachery under the watchful eye of Director Samir Bhamra. The story centres on what happens when the lives of a foolish king, beautiful princess, her banished husband and a charming rogue collide. 
Based on the play by William Shakespeare, the improbable becomes probable in an epic, adventurous romance filled with heroic strangers, sinister villains, ghosts, gods and long-lost brothers. Question is, will the kingdom have a happily ever after?

Combining music and movement with gorgeous costumes, the company have made Shakespeare fun, accessible and sexy!
Cymbeline is this year's biggest theatrical must-watch, whether you're a fan of theatre or not sure if you like live performances, this is the show that we guarantee you will LOVE.

To see the tour dates and to book visit Phizzical's website

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