Change of Kee

Punjabi pop princess Kee tells Balwinder Attwal why she’s swapping her usual sugary sounds for something with a little more edge…

Posted: 04.07.12

It’s great to have you back Kee, and may we say, you are looking pretty hot...
Thanks! I felt it was time for a change. Just like people alter their haircut or colour, I think it’s refreshing to keep developing your style. I’m a curvy girl and there’s nothing wrong with that but I’ve lost weight and I’m happy with my new look. It was hard work but my personal trainer Coach Vik, was a massive help!

A new look and a new sound…tell us about the new single Dil Lagna Nai.
Just like style, music is always changing so you have to keep up. I’ve been singing for nearly five years now and I’ve been trying to find the right sound – it’s been a journey. It was my idea to add a dubstep beat and working with Tigerstyle made that happen. They are very versatile and always come up with something fresh and edgy, and that’s the sound I was looking for, which is why I chose them. It was a great experience working with them - they’re very disciplined and serious in the studio. As well as the sound, the vocals are different too – I’ve been working on my Punjabi pronunciation.

You’re known as a Hindi and Punjabi singer, but we’d love to hear you perform in English. Any plans?
Your wish is about to become true! I’ve recorded an English song with an r’n’b feel…watch this space!

Has singing in Hindi brought you to the attention of Bollywood yet?
I haven’t been approached but I would love to work in Bollywood one day with someone like A R Rahman - he is amazing! Bollywood has been the biggest influence in my life. I’ve grown up listening to singers like Asha Bhosle and I also listen to the more recent singers too like Sunidhi Chauhan. I would love to do playback singing for Priyanka Chopra or Bipasha Basu one day.

We hope so too – but before you get your calling please let us have some more tracks!
Don’t worry! The album is on the way. I’m doing music full time now so I’ve had a chance to properly concentrate on getting a complete sound together. I’m working with Tigerstyle on other album tracks too so you can be sure the whole sound will be very different. But there’s also some Bollywood on there, so hopefully it won’t be too long until I’m packing for that flight to Mumbai.

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