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Brahman Naman gets world premiere at Sundance Film Festival

Posted: 22.01.16

When an eccentric Film Critic and creative Movie Director team up on a project of the the celluloid variety it can only be a good thing. Braham Naman the debut feature film by screenwriter Naman Ramachandran and Director Q (he of Gandu and Tasher Desh fame) gets its World Premiere at The Sundance Film Festival this weekend and we predict it will leave an explosive impression. The story is an autobiographical account of Naman (who currently programmes The London Indian Film Festival) and his university days where he and his geeky pals spend the best part of their time running the college Quiz Club, while trying to get girls. The quirky quartet embark on a roadtrip to Calcutta to participate in an inter-uni quiz comp in the hope of losing their virginities on the way. Billed as a smart, raucous sex comedy that’s raunchy and endearing in equal measure; make a note of the film now, it's one you need to watch as soon as it hits the UK screens, hopefully later this year. 

Brahman Naman has its World Premiere on Sunday, January 24 at Sundance Film Festival.

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