Abbas Hasan

What more can the boy possibly do?

Posted: 27.08.13

From the Mickey Mouse club to brushing shoulders with the elite at Elton John's parties, Abbas Hassan has already had quite a journey into the music world. Having spent his younger years in Paris recording music for Disney, Abbas caught the music bug early. He then travelled to Canada where he felt inspired enough to write his own music before eventually moving to the UK to become a model. Since then he’s signed up to Rishi Rich’s record label and will soon be conquering Bollywood. Gayatri Sahay caught up with him while she still could!

So are you an actor, a musician, model - or the hat trick we've all been looking for?
I'm 100% a musician at the core but I do enjoy acting. It is a different art form and you get a whole different vibe from it. In terms of modelling I only like it when it is a bit edgy or artistic. I like it when the look is distinct - but I suppose a lot of it depends on the project.

What about the acting you have done so far and the role you have coming up?
I will be acting as a Pakistani cricketer - this was interesting for me as I grew up playing baseball so learning how to hold a cricket bat and the stance was pretty cool! It didn't feel natural but it was a fun challenge and the whole experience felt like a really long summer holiday.

And what about the ad you did; how was it working with SRK?
My management is really closely related to him so that is how that came about. He is really so genuine. He sat down and asked me how the journey is going. It was only half way through my conversation with him that I realised that I was speaking to King Khan!

Would you consider singing Bollywood soundtracks?
Maybe, as connections grows.

You had been compared to Jay Sean earlier on in your career how did that make you feel?
In the beginning obviously it was very flattering as he really has done a huge service for Asian artists - but I feel we each have our own voice. I want to take a different note.

What note would that be?
Well, as a global Asian artist my message would be do not believe in boundaries. Music connects people; it is universal beyond culture and language.

Who have your main musical influences been?
My icons are people like Bowie and Freddie Mercury - they took risks. There's no point playing it safe. I also like David Guetta when it comes to electro music and classical Sufi music. It would be my dream to work with A R Rahman.

Talking of him; we've heard rumours about Frieda Pinto starring in your new video - is this true?
The rumour mill is buzzing. I can say that Frieda is a choice but we’re still deciding between her and others. Whoever we pick, she will be hot.

Who would be your dream woman to feature in a video?
Penelope Cruz!

What are you up to at the moment? 
We're filming the new video in London and then later this month I'm off to Mumbai and Goa to start filming for a different project!

Do any of these projects involve Frieda Pinto?
Haha! Nice try - I can't say anything. But you can expect something awesome!


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