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This season’s facial must-buys

Posted: 15.05.13

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
A beautifying product that is quite simply a pleasure to use! The newest launch from British beauty brand Elemic, the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (£39.50) is a luxury treatment for your face that will cleanse and indulge at the same time. Use it as part of your daily regime by applying the soft buttery balm to your skin, then wipe away with the soft cloth that comes with it or enjoy as a weekly intensive mask. Massage into your skin, lie back for 10 minutes with a warm cleansing cloth over you face allowing you in inhale the exquisite aroma then wipe away for healthy, clean and nourished skin.

Ultimate Hydra Perfection by Racinne

Harnessing the latest in Korean skincare technology, Racinne (£15-38) is a new beauty essential, straight from the orient. With three distinct ranges, Ultimate Hydra Perfection, Ultimate Youth Power and Ultimate Aqua Blanc, Racinne has selected and combined the most powerful stem-cell extracts, functional peptides and clinically proven active ingredients. 

The Ultimate Hydra Perfection range uses Grape stem cell extracts as natural antioxidants to repair environmental damage to the skin and boost hydration. The hero products in the range include the Ultimate Hydra Advanced Luminous Gel and Ultimate Hydra Optimal Fortifying Emulsion.

An innovative selection of light weight serums, creams and eye lotions, Racinne has something for all ages and skin types.

Eternal Cosmeceuticals’ The Lift
For those of an impatient nature looking for an anti-ageing quick fix, Eternal Cosmeceuticals’ The Lift (£49.95), does exactly what it say on the box.
The Lift is a face mask that works on the surface of the skin to firm, tighten and lift your face leaving it brighter and tauter for a much more youthful appearance. 
It may only be a short-term fix but leaves dramatic results during that time.
Amongst the ingredients are a blend of fruit extracts, vitamins, minerals and enzyme boosters. Although it’s actually been around for 30 years, it’s experiencing a revival so snap up the experience now!

Say farewell to acne, scars, fine lines, liver spots and blackheads with an easy to use, reusable and chemical-free flannel to get your skin glowing naturally.
The Dermaflannel (£11.99) is revolutionising the beauty and skincare world in 2013, described as a chemical peel, without the chemical or the peel but with the exact same effects!
Combining microfibers with a unique new weaving process, tit is proven to significantly reduce- or even eliminate- pesky skin conditions.

Look after your future skin by taking precautions now. Mitoq (£120) is an anti-ageing product that contains a special breakthrough ingredient that rejuvenates skin cells, restores collagen and elastin production leading to more youthful, firmer, brighter, younger looking skin. MitoQ uses a patented formula that goes deep beneath the skin's barrier like no other. In fact- it's 1000 times more effective than any other CoQ anti-ageing cream on the market.
Simply use as a moisturiser as part of your usual routine. 

Benefit POREfessional
After you’ve cleansed and creamed your face, there’s one more step you need before you apply your make-up, a pore minimiser such as POREfessional (£24.50) by Benefit. A lightweight balm, smooth it anywhere you need to cover up and reduce the visibility of pores and fine lines, creating smooth skin, perfect for applying foundation on to. A hero product that’s be voted as one of the best pore products by countless polls, it you haven’t tried it yet, snap up a tube now and see the difference! 

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