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For skin that’s in peak condition go back to basics by using natural, organic products

Posted: 22.12.14

It’s a staggering fact that 60% of products applied topically to the skin are absorbed. Unfortunately it is not just the good ingredients that are absorbed but the nasty chemicals too. Most of us do not recognise the ingredients found on the beauty products we use, yet we continue to incorporate them into our daily beauty regime. This is strange given the importance and interest we take in the ingredients in food products we eat. The principle is not so different.

Is Your Body A Temple?

Using 100% natural, organic products free from chemicals is the only way to be confident that what you are applying is safe. Shraddha Bhuva launched British beauty brand My Body Temple in 2011 fuelled by a passion to show that chemicals are unnecessary. She explains: ‘While studying for my Masters in Pharmacy I was shocked by the lack of information regarding skincare products on the market so I did my own research and discovered that many of the ingredients have potential side effects. My Body Temple was created from my desire to start a natural skincare line bringing a holistic approach, combining beauty with healthcare.’ The product range is 100% natural, free from parabens, sulphates, artificial colourings, fragrances and preservatives, are vegan friendly (except the cleansing milk) and totally against animal testing. 

Natural Benefits

As My Body Temple products are completely natural there is no risk of an adverse reaction. The range contains products for all skin types that will benefit your individual skin needs. My Body Temple have also created a wonderful range specifically for men so you can ensure your male also invests in his skin and well-being with natural, organic products. Benefits will start to show after 28 days of switching to using natural products as this is how long it takes for skin to adapt to a new routine. The difference will be immediate - your skin will feel more hydrated with a reduction of blemishes . Don’t be surprised if now that your skin is breathing properly, you feel less inclined to cover it in make-up.

Pick Of The Range

Shraddha recommends using these My Body Temple products for glowing, radiant skin:

Green Tea & Pearl Face Wash (£15.20)
Contains pearl beads to exfoliate, purify and tone the skin.

Floral Water Spritz (£8.40)
Ideal for skin hydration when you’re on the move.

Anti-Ageing Repair Serum (£17)
Organic Aloe leaf juice is the secret here, leaving your skin brightened and toned.

Marine Collagen and Silk Protein Moisturiser (£15)
Anti-ageing with natural peptides this cream will help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Marine Collagen Eye Gel (£10.20)
Refreshing and re-energising it will help keep the skin firm and fresh.

Green Tea Face Mask (£12.20)
A rich clay that penetrates deeply removing black heads and dirt.

Vanilla and White Chocolate Body Lotion (£14.50)
Making your skin smell good enough to eat, a pampering treat that will leave skin soft and smooth. Great after waxing/laser.

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