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Put down those dumb bells – we’ve discovered an easier way to get toned arms and it doesn’t involve a drop of sweat!

Posted: 01.03.12

At last - an easy way to achieve toned arms without sweating it at the gym. Pupa Inner Arm Shaping Cream (£42) is an amazing new cosmetic treatment to firm and tone skin tissue for arms that have lost their shape following weight loss, or simply after the result of natural ageing process. All in a cream? Yes you read that right! Containing a triple-action formulation, your skin immediately looks and feels younger, sexier, smoother, toned and ready to be revealed. Use it twice a day for eight weeks and we’re told your arms will be so firm they’ll appear slimmer; now that’s a cream worth investing in.
And before you start thinking it’s just another marketing ploy to get you to buy a posh cream, we can confirm there’s some science involved! The exclusive GYM2 Complex ingredient acts like a cosmetic exercise that strengthens the structure of your skin tissue giving the toned effect. With each application arms are wrapped in a water-soluable polymer that acts like a gentle elastic film instantly tightening and redefining the skin and visibly smoothing the appearance of fine lines…still not sold? How about weighing up the prospect of all those hours working out, saved, giving you more time to do fun stuff like shopping instead?

For stockists call 0208 398 9744.

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